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Discover the Art Side of the Port City of Norfolk

Even though Norfolk is known for its Naval Base, presumably the world's largest, this attractive port city receives attention from tourists for its art and culture. The city of Norfolk apart from offering its attractive waterfront is promising art and culture-themed attractions.

Outsiders and tourists can explore art districts, attend festivals and events, and visit fascinating museums that showcase topics ranging from General Douglas MacArthur's World War II to glass arts.

The city of Norfolk with a history dating back to the early British settlements in the 17th Century suffered extensive war damages. One of the few buildings to have survived in the town is the St. Paul’s Church. One can visit and see this place if put up in one of the many hotels Virginia Beach Ocean has to offer.

As a visitor who is keen to learn about the naval history of Norfolk, it is recommended to put up at one of the best hotels near Norfolk naval base. One can visit and see the various battle fleets such as the Battleship Wisconsin. One can alternatively visit the science center, the maritime-themed museum, or get out on a harbor cruise on the waterfront.

The city of Norfolk is situated in East Virginia with the nearest airport being the Norfolk International Airport. The town is approximately one and half-hour drive from Richmond. The airport is also close to Virginia Beach which means that any tourist can stay at one of the Norfolk international airport hotels and then head towards downtown which is just 3 miles and go to the planned Virginia Beach visit.

The other activities would include exploring the art side of the city where one can find the Neon Art district dotted with murals. One of the major attractions is the stainless-steel sculpture, 30 feet tall, which makes sound and lights up when people move around it.

The Chrysler Art Museum has a collection of works ranging from the ancient to the modern including the not-to-be-missed glass studio that offers visitors an on-site workshop on glass blowing.