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hotel near Norfolk naval base

Unmatched Hospitality for a Memorable Norfolk VA Hotel Experience

Looking for the ultimate in hospitality and hotel experience? Consider staying at Economy 7 Inn Norfolk.

Most travelers, businesses, or families end up staying at our luxurious hotel located in the tranquil lap of nature. We understand the anticipation and needs of our esteemed guests and offer them everything from luxury, comfort, tranquility, and economy.

We ensure your excitement level does not drop offering everything that you need even before you ask. Our rooms and room service, both are exceptional making us the leading Norfolk VA hotel.

Commitment and Pride

We are proud of our assets – unmatched hospitality and guest entertainment. We are committed to providing the best to stay at the top of your list of chosen best oceanfront hotels in Virginia Beach.

You will experience the epitome of opulence and brilliance in our luxurious accommodations. The rooms are exquisitely designed to offer elegance and comfort at the same time. Whether you choose an opulent suite or a cozy regular room, our commitment and dedication remain the same.

Best Amenities to Relax

You will get everything at your disposal from a flat TV to high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, exquisite toiletries to a cozy bed to relax. Offering our best in everything, we do not mind pampering you to the hilt as long as you stay with us. Sorry! We hope you do not mind as well.

Our flawless room service provided by our courteous and friendly staff will make you feel at home away from your home. Everything is in line with our commitment to excellence.

Our customized service makes us unique in this field. We understand the needs of our guests and then design a meticulous service plan to surpass your expectations. We believe you are unique and therefore should be our top priority.

Do What You Want

With all your accommodation and other worries taken away and handled efficiently by our dedicated staff, you can do whatever you want during your stay.

If you love water, stroll along the beach, grab a cruise ride, or simply enjoy your exotic cuisine at a hotel near Norfolk naval base.

Explore the natural beauty of the region. Don’t worry; we will guide you through. Immerse in different activities in this vibrant city. Visit the Botanical Garden or the Chrysler Museum and be amazed.

There are a lot of things to do here during your stay at Economy 7 Inn Norfolk.